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Audit and assurance services require a specialized skill set and the experts at Epstein Schneider, PLC possess that knowledge and expertise. Epstein Schneider, PLC professionals will use our 30 plus years of experience and the extensive resources at our disposal to help our clients navigate any audit and assurance issues.


If your business requires an audit, the concise documentation we provide is designed to confidently show that your records are an accurate representation of the current financial condition of your business or organization. When necessary, we can provide due diligence, risk management services, and make recommendations for improving internal controls.


Assurance services are independent professional services provided by Epstein Schneider, PLC. Our accountants will review financial documents and transactions such as loans, contracts and financial websites. This review will certify the correctness and validity of the pertinent information being reviewed helping to ease your decision-making process.


Epstein Schneider, PLC accountants have experience in a variety of different areas, including but not limited to:

  • Audit services for privately held businesses
  • Assurance services
  • Financial statement audits
  • Review and compilation services
  • Business performance measurement
  • Quality of earning analysis
  • Electronic commerce
  • Healthcare performance measurement
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Year-end audit package preparation
  • Due diligence
  • Risk management
  • Agreed upon procedure engagements

Our trained accountants have the experience necessary to help you work through any audit and assurance issues. Call us at 480-483-3024 and request a free consultation to learn more.

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